Superior starter feed

C-Feed AS offers high quality copepod eggs and live copepods for marine hatcheries worldwide. A live starter feed with optimal nutritional composition and availability.

What is it?

Copepods are the natural prey organisms for marine fish larvae worldwide. They have a naturally high nutritional content, are easily digested and initiate an active feeding behavior.

How to use it?

Copepods are used as a replacement for or in combination with traditional live feed such as rotifers and Artemia. C-Feed delivers copepod eggs for easy in-house hatching and on-growing to the right size.


Why use it?

Use of copepods increases efficiency in industrial fish farming by improving fish survival rate, growth and quality. It also improves the water quality and production environment.

The natural first feed

Copepods have naturally high levels of fatty acids and proteins in cell tissue, and there are no need for enrichment. They retain their quality and can be kept alive in storage and fish tank for long periods of time. Using no enrichment drastically improves water quality and production environment, and gives you the option of using low water exchange rates and make sure every copepod gets eaten.

Copepods will reduce the rate of deformities and malpigmentation and improve growth, survival and stress tolerance of the fish larvae, not only in the juvenile phase of the production, but throughout the whole life of the fish. This means increased production quality and throughput, resulting in both lower unit costs and increased sales for the fish farmer.


Easy to buy and use

C-Feed delivers copepod eggs to large scale commercial hatcheries, aquarists and researchers all over the world. Although small in size, a bottle of copepod eggs can give you more than 100 million copepods.The eggs are easily hatched into copepod nauplii, and can be further grown to larger copepod stages, using live micro algae, as the fish juvenile demands larger prey.

In some regions C-Feed offers ready-made live copepods delivered to your hatchery. Please get in touch for the delivery options in your region.

C-Feed’s experienced start feeding team can help you put up a feeding regime that will increase your productivity and reduce your production cost. We can also provide algae cultures and support in setting up your own algae production.

Please get in touch and see how we can improve your juvenile production:

Bio-secure production throughout the year

The copepods are intensively farmed at our land-based facility in Vanvikan, Norway. This gives us a stable production throughout the year, with no season variations.

With a closed and fully controlled production C-Feed can deliver a bio-safe product. High level of water treatment throughout the whole production process eliminates risk of contamination. The production is regularly examined for both bacterial and viral pathogens. The eggs are disinfected before storage, and we have procedures for disinfecting the eggs after delivery to the customer.

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