C-Feed AS is a commercial producer of copepod eggs and live copepods for early stage feeding of marine fish, crustaceans and other marine organisms. Our product is substantial to the aquaculture industry by increasing efficiency and quality in farming of existing species and enabling farming of new attractive species. Our production technology is based on a decade of research and patented solutions developed at SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture in Norway.

What is it?

Copepods are the natural prey organisms for marine fish larvae worldwide, and are well recognized to be the ideal first feed for intensive production of marine fish larvae.


How to use it?

Copepods are used as replacement for traditional live feed such as Artemia and rotifers in marine juvenile fish production. C-Feed delivers copepod eggs for easy in-house hatching and on-growing to the right size.


Why use it?

Copepods have a perfect nutritional composition and are easily digested by the fish larvae. They also initiate an active feeding behaviour. Use of copepods increases efficiency in industrial fish farming by improving survival, growth, quality and stress resistance.


The natural first feed

Copepods are a type of animal plankton with a naturally high nutritional content. These organisms exist in over 90 different species merely along the Norwegian coastline. In the international aquaculture environment it is well known that copepods work like a «vitamin bomb» for fry. Today´s harvested copepods is a seasonal low volume product and with very limited control over species composition and the introduction of diseases and parasites. All fish farmers would dream of using industrially produced live copepods as starter feed, if available in large scale as a high quality, homogeneous and clean product throughout the whole year.

Easy to buy and use

The copepod eggs we deliver are easily hatched into small copepod larvae, and also grown to larger size, assuming access to high quality micro algae like for example Isocrysis. The live copepods are top nutritional quality, free of parasites and are very well accepted by the fish larvae – no enrichment processes are needed. We ship the eggs as cooled goods by car or air all over Europa, if required together with an algae concentrate for ongrowing, and they can be stored for at least a month without reducing hatching percentage below 80%. In each millilitre of eggs, normally 400.000 copepods can be hatched.

More efficient production

When used as replacement for, or complimentary to traditional live feed organisms such as Artemia and rotifers, copepods will reduce the rate of deformities and malpigmentation and improve growth, survival and stress tolerance of the fish larvae, not only in the juvenile phase of the production, but throughout the whole life of the fish. For farming of existing marine species this means increased production quality and throughput, resulting in both lower unit costs and increased sales. Our copepods also enables production of marine species that can not be cultivated with traditional live feed today, for example tuna.

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