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Covering both the aquaculture and aquarium industry


Aquiring and using live copepods

Here’s a quick overview of the process, starting from after the delivery agreement has been signed providing regular deliveries and customized terms.

C-Feed internal hatching and storage


• Air or land based freight
• Secures proper conditions
• Handles regulatory issues
Transport to customer


Live copepods:
• Up to 1 week storage at 2 degrees without any feeding
• Several months, if fed with microalgaes

• Several months storage at 2 degrees

Hatching and ongrowing

Hatching and ongrowing

Live copepods:
• C-feed takes care of all hatching and ongrowing

• Eggs hatch within 24 hours when placed in temperate sea water
• Feed with algae for until 12 days, to reach the right size
• Algaes can be bought from C-Feed

Use as feed

Use as feed

• Add properly sized copepods to fry tanks, following the proper feeding protocol

Covering both the aquaculture and aquarium industry

Atlantic Cod

Aquaculture industry

Using copepods as feed to the fish larvae and during other demanding phases increases the survival rate and improves the quality of the fish. Combined with higher growth rates and improved quality of the end product, using copepods have an enormous impact for the users. For a juvenile producer the use of copepods may result in 30% increased production, and the production cycle from juveniles to harvestable fish can be reduced by minimum 10%. When using copepods there is no need for enrichment due to naturally high and correctly balanced nutrients. Copepods may be used through the entire start-feed period and may replace rotifers and Artemia entirely, used as an additive to increase the nutritional content or work as a «vitamin boost».

Aquarium industry

Our main end customer segments are the salt water aquarists and those who wish to breed fish on their own as a hobby. Species like mandarin fish, clownfish and seahorse are much easier to breed using copepods. Copepods are presently the best feed for fish fry, a fact many people in the aquarium business are unaware of. The rotifers used at present require much processing and tend to foul the water. We want to work with wholesalers in the aquarium industry that understand the value of live copepods, and who have or are able to establish efficient distribution channels for live copepods or copepod eggs.

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